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Diverse Environments



4 months to 6 years old

​Flexible childcare or Spielgruppe

Prepare your own water bottle.

A set of spare clothes and socks are needed.

Mom: remember to arrange the time to breastfeed your baby here.

If necessary, we will call you in time, so don’t worry too much.

Because space is limited, please do not bring baby strollers if possible.

Parent's Lounge

Leisure Space 3F

Enjoy a quiet moment alone at a relatively close distance to your kids.

Read a book or watch a drama show, write a paper or just relax with a cup of coffee.

If you want to close your eyes for a while, remember to set an alarm.

Meet friends here, bring kids or not? Different spaces provide different needs.

Friends Drinking Coffee
Working at home

Office Rental

Taking care of kids and have to work privately? Independent office is available.

Only you, or a team.

(Family project, Non-commercial, only supports the needs of parents)

Design and Art

Art exhibition for children.

Beautiful design for family.

Children's and design product store

Some interesting items can be found here.

Maybe it’s not a necessity of life

but it can make you enjoy life more.

That's also great.

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