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About Us

Work-Life Balance for ​a Young Family

Individual & Social

About family and self.

Balance family life and personal freedom.

Our Childcare in Basel, Switzerland

Rosey.Jakob kinder D&R Center is an international child growth education training institution.

Our staff have highly educated knowledge and diversified background. Our professional fields include: art and design, psychology, children's education, foreign language education, etc.

We value children's free and diversified growth and broad international vision. We also value creative thinking and a natural and healthy lifestyle.

Children's mental well-being is an aspect that we attach great importance to.

Family & Achievement

About career development and raising children.

Maintain career development and take care of family.

We also have educational institutions for the healthy growth of children in other countries around the world. According to the needs of the local environment, we provide services for the healthy development of children.

We are also very willing to work closely with scientific research organizations for children's health and growth from all over the world to explore a good environment and support for children's growth in different cultural backgrounds.

In Basel, Switzerland, we mainly provide flexible child care services. Furthermore, we provide parents with a comfortable and peaceful relaxing space to relieve stress.

We are located at the Marktplatz in Basel, in a building opposite the red Rathaus. There is very convenient public transport and parking is very close.

The children’s play area has a very bright and open and interesting view. The full floor-to-ceiling windows can overlook the Marktplatz at 270 degrees.

A quiet and comfortable leisure area for parents, a stylishly designed space, located in a quiet neighbourhood.

We are also equipped with a private mom's room and support the city's family-friendliness.

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